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Stay At Home/In-Facility Care

Personal Nurse Managed Care Anywhere

If The Goal is to stay home, we will attend discharge planning meetings at hospitals to help get a better idea of the “Big Picture” and create a schedule all allied health colleagues can all follow. We also provide supplementary care for clients in hospital, in long term care Homes (Nursing Homes), retirement homes and private residences.

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From Home to Wherever, Happily

We will accompany our clients to medical appointments, dialysis clinics, hospitals, specialists, cancer care clinics, radiology, the lab, and basically anywhere they need to be. Sometimes all you need is someone to lend you an arm to provide you with the confidence necessary to be able to go where you want to go and do what you want to do comfortably.

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About Us

Who we are...

Happy at Home Support Services Inc has an office with open door policy….we are not a home based business.

We understand the publicly funded system and can create understanding and advocate for more CCAC and can communicate with other medical professionals.

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Companion Care

Companion services are typically non-medical services that your loved one may require to remain living at home.

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Personal Support Care

Your parents live together in the house they built over 50 years ago… And they swear they will never leave it.

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Registered Nursing

We employ registered nurses that are available to assist with a variety of services and overall 24-hour case management.

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Insurance & Third Party Billing

We have the ability to process payments directly to your insurance company. 

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We make time for getting your parents to and from appointments and out socially when they can no longer drive themselves.

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You can relax knowing our team of trusted, bonded and insured professionals are dedicated to the needs of your home.

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We Are Your Health Care Advocates

Choose Happy At Home To Advocate For You

Because our Registered Nurses know what to expect, and you have a right to know how the health care system works. Happy At Home nurses act as advocates for our clients. Our RN’s will work hard to ensure that our clients receive the best care possible.

No caregiver with Happy at Home is ever left without an RN to support the needs of care for our clients. We will do everything we can to ensure that our clients receive what we consider to be unmatched value for their care dollars.