Helping Your Loved Ones Travel Locally and Across Ontario

"All transportation services require a minimum 48 hours notice."

It can be both difficult and stressful trying to cope with an aging, frail parent. Often life is busy and filled with the juggling of careers, families and our own homes let alone making time for getting our parents to and from appointments and out socially when they can no longer drive themselves.

Our services are provided by competent volunteer drivers who have been trained to listen carefully to instructions and provide assistance and accompaniment to our clients. They will accompany our clients to medical appointments, dialysis clinics, hospitals, specialists, cancer care clinics, radiology, the lab, and basically anywhere they need to be.

Happy at Home can provide a personal support worker on accompanied visits that require assistance into a medical examining room, take notes and report back details to family members or powers of attorney in regards to the visit.

The transportation team can accompany clients on shopping trips and assistance through the door with grocery items etc. and assist with putting them away.

Need a ride to church? Need a ride to bingo…we do it all.

Members of the transportation team has been known to attend social functions, accompany seniors to family weddings and even accompany a senior on vacation. The stories we can share, the memories we help create, and the peace of mind we can give family during these special days is priceless. We can assist with luggage, incontinence management, medication packing and ensure all proper documentation is in order for these special days. We are walker and wheelchair friendly and our clients must be able to participate in their transfer.

Happy at Home is pleased to welcome service dogs with their owners in our vehicles.

This team travels both locally and across the province. Wheelchair service is available with one week’s notice. We will get you where you need to be safely with a smile!

Incidental Transportation

Living your own life means choosing your own way! Sometimes all you need is someone to lend you an arm to provide you with the confidence necessary to be able to go where you want to go and do what you want to do in the comfort of your own vehicle. Whatever your desire, city transportation or taxi costs can be prohibitive when you want to spend time at the mall, go to the lab for a weekly blood test or attend a medical appointment. Happy at Home Support Services understand the importance of your independence and aim to assist you when and where you need it most! We are able to drive you in your own vehicle, or provide you with a Caregiver with an exemplary driving record to take you in theirs.

Long-distance trips

Trips to hospitals and clinics in the greater Toronto area will require 48 hours notice to arrange. Caregivers will need to be aware of any dietary, incontinence and cognitive issues prior to trip so appropriate staff are assigned the trip.

Caregivers can run “everything” errands… everything from picking up prescriptions, taking your loved one to medical appointments, to picking up their Grandchildren’s birthday gifts… and anything in between. With specific guidelines and safe practices, Caregivers can shop with or without the client accompanying them and, they will shop at which ever store the client prefers.