Custom Cleaning Plans Tailored To Your Loved Ones

You’ve got a busy life. By choosing Happy at Home, you can relax knowing our team of trusted, bonded and insured professionals are dedicated to the needs of your home. Our main focus is to provide thoroughly-customized cleaning on each and every visit, guaranteed. When you walk through the door, it’s to a home that is cleaned just the way you want it.

Every house and home owner is unique

Every home requires a custom cleaning plan. We have general cleaning tasks that we offer for a regular clean and each homeowner can add or remove certain tasks to create an exact plan catered to their needs. Housekeeping services can be a once off, weekly, biweekly or monthly arrangement. Not all cleaning tasks need to be done on each visit. Happy at Home will work with each client to create what we like to call the “big picture”. Happy at Home will use the cleaning supplies provided by the homeowner with the exception of ammonia-based bleach. All homes are inspected by our workplace safety officer and any safety concerns will be addressed and resolved prior to the beginning of the first home visit.